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Terms of Reference of Council's Standing Committees

Committee on Research Partnerships

The Committee on Research Partnerships (CRP) recommends to the Vice-President, Research Partnerships, program funding allocations and transfers between program elements within its purview, in accordance with specific decisions and any other guidelines provided by the Council and within the funding envelope (Innovation) assigned to it by the Council. The Committee also provides advice on and monitors the research partnerships programs referred to it by the Council; and it advises the Council on policy issues and possible mechanisms in support of partnered research at Canadian colleges and universities that contributes to knowledge creation and transfer, training of highly qualified personnel and supporting industrial innovation. On occasion, the Committee may be asked to make recommendations to the President on major grants and awards to individuals or groups.

To provide advice on and monitor programs (see Appendix A), the Committee:

  • makes recommendations to the Council or senior officers, as appropriate, regarding changes to existing programs, including phasing out of programs and proposals for the creation of new ones;
  • advises the Council on the international dimension of activities falling within its purview;
  • monitors the peer review process by:
    • reviewing the policies and procedures for peer review and ensuring they are consistent with the principles and values enunciated by the Council;
    • making recommendations on the principles governing membership of selection committees or panels and establishing guidelines for the conduct of business by such committees or panels;
    • reviewing the policy reports of the selection committees and panels and recommending courses of action to the Council or senior officers, as appropriate;
    • reviewing the statistics on and trends in awards made upon recommendation of the selection committees and the list of any other awards approved by executive action; and
  • periodically reviews the strategic target areas and recommends changes as appropriate.

To advise the Council on policies and mechanisms in support of partnered research at Canadian colleges and universities, the Committee may make recommendations to Council officers that studies be initiated or that subcommittees or ad hoc committees be appointed.

Appendix A

Programs assigned to the Committee on Research Partnerships as of October 2010:

Innovation Projects


Technology Transfer

Industrial Training

College and Community Innovation (CCI)